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  Introducing the iKEY Portable USB Recorder, a revolutionary device that will change the way you record audio forever. Designed to record directly to any external USB storage device, including the iPod, the iKEY can record audio from any audio device and write it directly to MP3 or WAV format - in real time! With endless professional and consumer applications, the iKEY Portable USB Recorder proves itself as an innovative product and the most convenient tool on the market to record audio output to digital media format.
iKEY Portable USB Recorder
> Compatible with iPod
> USB Port (For direct connectivity to supported USB Storage Device)
> Compatible with USB 2.0/1.1/1.0 devices
> Records audio to uncompressed WAV format or MP3 format (w/ selectable bit rate, up to 256kbps)
> Gold plated RCA inputs
> LED Indicator shows memory remaining on target drive
> Battery powered w/ low battery indicator
> DC charger input with DC adaptor included for use with
rechargeable batteries
> Level clip indicator
> Record volume control
> Reset button
> Requires 4AA batteries (Not included)
Unit Dimensions: 138 x 28 x 83 mm. Weight: Approx. 2lbs
iKEY -
Ease of Use
The iKEY makes it easier to transfer audio to digital media by skipping over the need to work with
confusing computer programs and additional hardware.
The process is simple:
1. Connect any device capable of audio output directly to the iKEYs
RCA Inputs.
2. Connect a USB compatible flash drive, hard drive, or MP3 Player
(including iPod) to the iKEYs USB port.
3. Use the SEL button to select whether the audio feed will be converted to MP3 or WAV. If you choose
MP3, select your desired bit rate.
4. Begin recording by pressing the REC button.
5. Press REC to complete recording. If youre recording to an MP3
Player, your file will be available under the songs list for playback. If youre recording to an
external storage device, connect the device to a computer for editing or playback. Never before has
transferring live audio to MP3 or WAV been so easy! With functionality also comes portability the iKEY
only requires four AA batteries, giving you up to 4 hours of recording time or use theprovided power
Here are the more common applications that the iKEY is capable of...
Convert your vinyl collection to MP3 or WAV
Record live DJ mixes or Karaoke performances
Sample DVD or CD audio
Record audio directly to an MP3 Player hard drive
Record speeches and seminars
Convert MiniDisc recordings to MP3 and WAV
Play back recorded audio on an iPod
* Requires line level output
Sampling Rate: 44.1kHz, 16 Bit
Dynamic Range: 98 dB
THD+N: -91 dB
Freq Response: 20Hz 20kHz


iKEY Audio MP3 Realtime Recorder  
Main Features
The REC button starts and stops the recording process. With each consecutive press of the REC button, the iKEY creates a brand new file to keep recordings organized.
The SEL button selects the format and quality of the file that will be output by the iKEY choose from MP3 bitrates of 128kbps, 192kbps, 256kbps, or select WAV for uncompressed, CD quality audio.
The Level Clip LED indicator alerts the user, visually, when the input signal is too high, too low, and stays unlit when the signal is within the appropriate range for recording.
With the iKEYs USB 2.0 compatible data port, you can easily connect any driverless USB mass storage device, including the Apple iPod, USB flash memory, or USB external hard drives.
The RCA inputs accept any line level audio source, and a Y-cable is included
This dual-function LED lights up solid when there is a transfer error. The Low Battery indicator illuminates to warn you when there is not enough power to continue recording.
If you want to record your audio using a lossless audio format, simply select WAV and begin recording. Warning: WAV files can be very large expect approximately 10 megabytes of output per minute of audio.
The DC input allows you to power the unit or to charge rechargeable batteries inside of the iKEYs battery compartment.  Alternatively, the iKEY can be powered using 4 AA size batteries.
The 5-bar progress LED indicator allows you to see, at a glance, the amount of space occupied on your USB storage device. For example you would have 100% space beacuse all lights are lit.
To record your audio to MP3 format, select from the available bit rates
which range from the standard 128 kbps to the nearly CD-quality 256 kbps.

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