Technics Brings "Digital" To DJ Mixing

 The silver Technics SH-MZ1200S or black Technics SH-MZ1200K is a compact digital DJ mixer, perfectly suited for the SL-DZ1200 digital turntable or any other digital or analog deck. It's loaded with features that make it ideal for the professional DJ, including a unique 4-channel play mode feature that provides surround sound at venues by assigning each track to right/left or front/rear. The digital mixer is equipped with 12 inputs and each channel has its own 3-band equalizer with -24dB (12dB/oct) attenuation. This mixer is easy to read, easy to use and it's Technics, so you know it's built to last.

The 12-input configuration includes two CD inputs, three line inputs, three phono inputs, two mic inputs and two digital inputs. There are seven outputs: master x 3, headphone x 1, monitor x 1, recording x 1, digital x 1).

Five self-illuminating cue buttons select from four source channels and the effects channel, with a monitor mixing knob and mono split mode for headphone monitoring. Effects controls include level adjustment, send and return, a pre/post switch with individual effect on/off switches for each channel.

Incredible 4-channel digital DJ mixer
Silver face plate
Inputs: 3 line, 3 phono, 2 mic, 2 CD and 2 digital
Outputs: 3 master, 1 headphone, 1 monitor, 1 recording and 1 digital
Fader section with digital control
Optical crossfader
3-band equalizers for each channel
Monitor functions for smooth play out
Play mode functions for club sound-space control
Versatile effects control
Fader-start sync with digital turntable
Effects send/return
Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz
Size: 4-1/16"h x 11-26/32"w x 13"d. Wt. 11.4 lbs.

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